Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

green coffee seedGreen Coffee Bean Extract Max is one product that has caused a lot of buzz among dieters in the recent past.. This is especially after it was featured in a popular TV show where its effectiveness on weight loss was put to test. Pure green coffee extract is derived from unroasted coffee that contains chlorogenic acid, an ingredient that has been noted to be effective in the loss of weight.

Benefits of Pure Green Coffee Extract

Green Coffee Bean Extract Reviews

coffee-bean-extract-research-249x300Various studies have concluded that pure green coffee extract is effective in weight loss. In fact, some studies suggest that it can also cause weight loss without having to follow strict diet programs or other exercise regimens.  When the body loses excess weight, its overall health is also improved. Conditions such as diabetes and high blood pressure can be put under control. The product is natural and thus safe to use without causing side effects.

Pros & Cons of Green Coffee Bean:

Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract Pure green coffee extract contains 20 mg of caffeine as compared to 100 mg that is present in a cup of coffee and therefore, unlike roasted coffee, it does not make you nervous & jittery. The chlorogenic acid in the supplement stimulates the burning of excess fat by inhibiting glucose release into the blood. This gives the body more time to process rather than store the fat. Perhaps the only con of the product is that it may not be available in your neighborhood store and the only option may be to buy online.


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Most obese and overweight people who have used pure green coffee extract confess that they have been able to witness a reduction in their weight. They also suggest that the product has been able to improve their energy levels as well as overall body health.




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