Green Coffee Extract Benefits

ba-castomBy now most people have heard of the pure green coffee bean supplement that has the weight loss world turned upside down. Its purpose is to burn fat, suppress hunger and cravings and help you lose weight. This extraordinary supplement has been talked about on Dr. Oz as well as used by many well-known stars.

Pure green coffee bean extract is totally natural and safe way to lose weight and boost energy. The Chlorogenic Acid it contains blocks glucose in the body while boosting metabolism to burn fat in the liver. You will stop storing fat while burning extra calories. It also contains anti-oxidants that help to maintain nutrition so that you are losing weight safely and staying healthy.

Positive Aspects of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract:100_pure_green_coffee

  • · Natural supplement
  • · Anti-oxidant reduces stress on the body
  • · Boosts metabolism
  • · Gives energy by burning excess calories
  • · Blocks storage of fat
  • · Suppresses appetite

Negative Aspects of Pure Green Coffee Bean Extract:

  • · Contains caffeine naturally, but does have typical side effects of caffeine.
  • · People with diabetes should be very cautious and talk to their doctor as it can change the way their body processes sugar.
  • · There are no studies about effects on pregnant or nursing women using the supplement.
  • · Caffeine could worsen anxiety
  • · Caffeine could worsen bleeding disorders


What the Studies Have Shown

In people with normal health who participated in studies there were no adverse effects while using pure green coffee bean extract. A 22 week study completed by Dr. Vinson showed that participants lost on average 17.5 pounds and 16% body fat during the 22 weeks. They did not alter their diet or exercise routines at all during the study. This product shows to have a positive impact on blood sugar and showed very good results with weight loss and decreasing body fat.

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